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We need to show the Richmond City Council that people across the Commonwealth care about these monuments and works of art. We need to convince them that we do not want these historical monuments altered or destroyed.      Please join me in signing this petition.

Who's signing

Janet Perkins
Charles Gardner
Jennifer Jones
Richard Tangard
Drury Wellford
David Rector
Stephen Mann
Beth Scott
James Whitehead
Michael Lucas
William Whitley II
Claude Hamilton Crump, III
Frederick Clements
john Stenstrom
James Button
David Malpass
Roy Jordan
Raymond Rooks
Kenny Bradshaw
James Whitehead
Al Stidham
Rebecca Sharrett
Larry Hartsoe
Kurtis R. Jones
Hilda Driggs
Jonathan S Newcombe
Brian Perry
Jay Lowry
George Lester
Ben Miller
500 signatures

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