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We need to show the Richmond City Council that people across the Commonwealth care about these monuments and works of art. We need to convince them that we do not want these historical monuments altered or destroyed.      Please join me in signing this petition.

Who's signing

Joan Protain
George Drewry
Donna Robinson
Marion Kirby
William Andrews
Debra Page
Darlene Foster
John Winebarger
Cecil Thomas
Don Hakenson
Joan Jones
Robert Mayo
Glenda saunders
Janice Joyce
Dorothy Jane Newkirk
Howard Hartley
Harry Whitley
Susan Hudson
Thomas Simmons
James Becker
Bobby Floyd
Donna DiMurro
Anne Wagner
Harriett Francis
Sylvia Sadler
Wade Rosser
Jean Sparrow
Janice White
Edwin Carpenter
Frances Capps
500 signatures

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