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We need to show the Richmond City Council that people across the Commonwealth care about these monuments and works of art. We need to convince them that we do not want these historical monuments altered or destroyed.      Please join me in signing this petition.

Who's signing

Lee Vanette McKinney
Beverly Mauck
Ruby K. Pugh
Ken Stiles
Louisa Mauck
Jock Yellott
Susan McKnight
Thomas Dozier
Bonnie Mittelmaier
Sandra Diggs
James Jenkins
Pamela Natchus
Walter Wilson
Debra Ricks
Lawrence Jones
David Hinton
Robert Tuck
Dale Stevenson
Bob Cornett
Sue Long
William Perkins
Brock Townsend
Bob Jones
George Beckett
David Westenberger
Eileene Alderman
Rene Turman
Jessica Reavis
500 signatures

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