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We need to show the Richmond City Council that people across the Commonwealth care about these monuments and works of art. We need to convince them that we do not want these historical monuments altered or destroyed.      Please join me in signing this petition.

Who's signing

Constance Buttimer
Steve Weber
Jan McKean
Terry Wolverton
Andrew Friedman
charles jack
Wayne Robinson
Kenneth Hart
Philip Mahoney
Toni Ruther
Dennis Kerns
Keith Brown
David Garnett
Mike Hodgkin
Michael Butler
George Barchuk
John Lee
Dion Fennell
Daniel Nefferdorf
George Jacobs
Timothy Lilly
Barbara OGara
Andrea Titus
Mary Mann
Fred Beck
Paul Smith
James Cooke II
H. V. Traywick, Jr.
Michael Nickle
Ronald Panebaker
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