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We need to show the Richmond City Council that people across the Commonwealth care about these monuments and works of art. We need to convince them that we do not want these historical monuments altered or destroyed.      Please join me in signing this petition.

Who's signing

Martha Dudley
Pamela Curtin
Stephen L. Holmes
Raymond Dempsey
robert danko
James A Vincent
Bobby Harris
Alan Saunders
Cecilia Del Rosario
Jane Watkins
Marie Firsching
Harris Seay
James Fargo
Sharon Jones
Charles Trigger, Sr.
Darrel Bow
J. Craig Peters
Jesse Judy
Barbara Bushey
Nancy Stets
Amy Franze
Kristen Van liew
John L. Morgan III
Chris Snider
Floyd Hodges
Vincent Eberhart
Shawn McCartney
Roman Jr Marciniak
Dean Welty
Robert Brown
500 signatures

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