Pastor Travis Witt Endorses Bryce Reeves for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia

"As a conservative pastor, former chair of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation, and a member of the Republican State Central Committee...I believe Bryce is Virginia's best choice for Lieutenant Governor in 2017."


It is a privilege to support and endorse for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, State Senator Bryce Reeves. Since beginning my involvement with Virginia Senators in 2011, I have seen Bryce stay committed to conservative principles while working with other legislators with whom he has fundamental differences in policy.
Far too many in Virginia expect a permanent line be drawn between parties and an all-or-nothing attitude must prevail in the legislative process. Much to the dismay of conservatives, incrementalism for years has been the norm for liberals. The Commonwealth of Virginia is verifiable proof that small systematic steps in the expansion of government services have brought upon Virginians our current fiscal and social condition.  To expect an immediate drastic revision in the legislative process is naïve and short sighted.
As a conservative pastor, former chair of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation, and a member of the Republican Party State Central Committee, I have seen Bryce Reeves work for conservatives, vote and declare his values in a manner that does not violate our, nor his, core Christian principles. I can assure you Senator Reeves is a rock solid Christian conservative. Furthermore, I have witnessed him firsthand demonstrate authentic leadership in the Virginia Senate and get things done. For example, Senator Reeves dynamically worked with both sides of the aisle to restore and expand our reciprocity, without his actions and without his leadership, this bill would have failed. I am beyond pleased that he always stands up for our constitutional rights and our conservative values and works hard day in and day out to make sure we keep them. I strongly encourage you to sit down with him and ask him the tough questions. I am confident if you do that, you will come to the same conclusion I have – that he is an authentic conservative. 
From this perspective, I can unequivocally support for Lieutenant Governor Bryce Reeves.  I would humbly ask you to evaluate his record and that of others who have declared their intention to run for Lieutenant Governor. In doing so, I believe that Bryce is Virginia’s best choice for Lieutenant Governor in 2017.
Pastor Travis Witt