Sign the Petition | Lt. William Kelly Deserves His Job Back

When left-wing hackers outed Lt. Kelly as the person behind an anonymous donation of $25 to the defense fund of Kyle Rittenhouse, this 19-year veteran of the Norfolk Police was promptly fired.

Everyone in the United States deserves due process and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The woke left believes that feelings matter more than facts, and they want fear and mob justice to rule our society.

Lt. Kelly aided the defense of a young man who was vilified by the mainstream media and the most powerful Democrat politicians. At the end of the day, justice prevailed and Lt. Kelly did the right thing.

Not only does the leftist-appeasing police Chief, Larry Boone, owe Lt. Kelly an apology, but he also owes him his job back! If you agree, SIGN THE PETITION!

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