Law Enforcement Officers for Bryce


Bryce Reeves was a Ranger in the U.S. Army before becoming a police officer and detective in Prince William County, Virginia. He knows that the men and women who serve as law enforcement officers across the Commonwealth engage their fellow citizens every day with one goal:  to make their part of the world a little safer and a little better.

Today, that work too often goes without thanks and the appreciation of a grateful nation who rely on our men and women in blue to keep our communities stable and at peace.

Bryce knows firsthand that it takes a special person with amazing drive and determination to take on society’s ills day in and day out. That’s why he’ll always work with law enforcement officials to protect them as they protect us… and he will always stand with them and honor their service.


Will you join Bryce’s team today as he seeks to continue to serve in Virginia's Senate?