Bryce knows the best ideas – and most effective ways of creating change – come from local leaders and people, not the political insiders in Richmond. He’s had firsthand experience in this, serving as a grassroots leader but also as a father, husband, coach, and local business person. Bryce listens and acts on the issues that impact us most here in our community.

Service Above Self

Bryce proudly served our nation as an U.S. Army Ranger. Upon his honorable discharge from the military, Bryce returned home and continued his dedicated public service as a narcotics and vice detective. Now, as a leader in his church, a coach and mentor to our youth, and current State Senator, he is a trusted leader who always puts service above self while providing strong leadership within his community.

Preserving Our Rights

An avid hunter and outdoorsman, Bryce shares our values and will always defend our 2nd Amendment rights. He opposes new gun control measures that infringe on the rights of hunters and law abiding gun owners. He stood strong against the liberal politicians in Washington, DC and Richmond when they tried to strip away the rights of over 421,000 law abiding concealed carry permit holders while also taking guns from convicted domestic abusers.

Protecting Our Families

As a husband, father and mentor to youth, Bryce has always made protecting and defending families a top priority. He believes family and faith are the foundation of every community. He has fought to protect our religious liberties and the rights of the unborn. He’s also focused on protecting Virginia’s most vulnerable children with overhaul reform of foster care, making childcare facilities safer for our children, and pushing for quality educational opportunities at a price that families and taxpayers can afford.

Protecting Taxpayers

As a principled conservative, Bryce fights for Virginia taxpayers. He has consistently helped balance the state budget without raising taxes by stopping Obamacare and Medicaid expansion. He knows working families can’t afford higher taxes, and he will always fight to ensure lower tax rates in the Commonwealth. He’s cut millions of dollars of wasteful spending out of the budget–to include WiFi in state parks.

Creating Jobs and Growing Our Economy 

As a small business owner, Bryce knows government doesn’t create economic growth and jobs – people do. He has seen first-hand how government regulations and red tape hurt job growth. With the Commonwealth’s natural resources, hard-working people and location, Bryce believes Virginia should be first in the nation in job creation. That’s why as State Senator, he always supports a private sector approach to get government out of the way, and allow our small businesses and entrepreneurs to create jobs and grow our economy.

Supporting Our Veterans and Law Enforcement

Our veterans and law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to protect our rights and freedoms. Bryce knows that we must do everything possible to ensure we protect and support them. He has worked to provide academic credits for service members to ensure they are able to continue their education and helped create 22,000 jobs for veterans. Bryce works closely with our Law Enforcement community across the Commonwealth to ensure they have the tools and funds to keep Virginians safe and secure.

Making Healthcare Better

Bryce knows that without access to affordable healthcare, working families can’t be safe and secure. That’s why he’s working to protect the healthcare of those with pre-existing conditions and is continuing to bring the best ideas from doctors and healthcare professionals to Richmond.