Election Integrity

We need to bring integrity back to our elections. Democrats changed laws to allow no requirements for identification to vote, started early voting for 45 days prior to election, took away requirements and safeguards on absentee ballots by not requiring a witness signature, set up drop boxes, all of which has created a mistrust of our voting process.  As your congressman, I promise to fight for free, fair, and secure elections so that we don’t repeat the disaster of the 2020 election.

Putting America’s Interests First

President Biden is failing at putting America’s interests first. Whether it is the rising inflation, higher fuel prices, or higher taxes he has completely created all of this by his lack of leadership in his administration. His weak stance on China with regard to trade and tariffs or the theft of US intellectual property is abysmal and made us weaker.  Biden is an empty suit on the job and is leaving America and Americans economically vulnerable. As your congressman, I will always put American interest first and work to enact the policies that help our country prosper along with our citizens. 

Foreign Policy

The way in which we left Afghanistan was a debacle and despicable, plain and simple. As a veteran I understand the sacrifices made in Afghanistan and the quagmire in which we now find ourselves.  It could have been avoided if Joe Biden had not been more concerned with his political image than Americans’ lives. When I am your congressman, I will fight to strengthen our military and our relationship with our allies and ensure that something like what happened in Afghanistan never happens again.


The left is infecting our schools with anti-American ideals like Critical Race Theory and are more beholden to the teachers union than to students and their parents. I will work in Congress to pass the same bill  (SB908) I passed in Virginia that ensures and solidifies that parents have the fundamental right to make decisions concerning the upbringing, education and care of their children. Leaders of the Democrat Party talk about taking away parental rights in the curriculum that is taught and cancelling any viewpoint not in line with their leftist agenda. I will advocate against Critical Race Theory and the toxic culture that the left is pushing on our children. As a parent I have a moral obligation to stand up for not only my own kids but yours as well. I will fight with every measure available to me to ensure and enshrine our God given rights as parents.

Second Amendment

Our right to bear arms has been under attack by the Democrat majority. I’m a proud gun owner and will fight against attempts to pass red flag laws, universal background checks, high magazine bans, and one gun a month laws. Too many times we see Americans with limitations on their rights to protect themselves while criminals run our streets with guns bought illegally. In Virginia I got our concealed carry gun rights back and was awarded the Defender of Freedom Award from the NRA for my work to ensure 480,000+ legal gun owners didn’t lose their right to keep and bear arms.


I applaud efforts in conservative states to push back on liberal attempts to expand abortion. I have always stood for the unborn and will never waiver.  Congresswoman Spanberger is a champion of Planned Parenthood and Democrat pro-choice organizations and her radical stance on abortion is a danger to our society. I will stand up for the unborn and work with my colleagues in the house to fight against abortion attempts and infanticide.

Jobs and the Economy/Inflation

Under President Trump’s policies, we saw historic economic growth, low unemployment numbers, and an economy that was exploding. Biden and the Democrats took advantage of the pandemic to pass arbitrary shut downs that killed small businesses and substituted economic free enterprise with government.  They used the COVID 19  crisis  to pass the biggest social welfare laws in the history of this country and now, with inflation and cost of living at the highest levels in over a decade, we are bearing the consequences of their liberal big government spending. As your congressman, I will bring fiscal responsibility back to the government and rein in policies that are causing higher costs of living. At some point the debt will be due and I refuse to keep kicking the can down to the next generation.

Military and Our Veterans

Without question President Biden has shown the rest of the world and our allies that lives sacrificed for the cause of freedom mean nothing and politics means everything.  As an Airborne Ranger Infantry officer I know what service means.  Afghanistan was and  is a tragedy.  For ten years I have been fighting in Virginia and passing laws to help our active, reserve, national guard, and or veterans.  We must have a congressman that understands the sacrifice and knows how to support our troops and their families.  I will always stand for those who have worn the cloth of our country because when we don’t, it only shows the next generation that no one cares about them.

Law Enforcement

As a former police detective and current auxiliary sheriff deputy I will tell you the morale and esprit de corps in our law enforcement is at an all time low. When I am elected, I will be one of only 8 former law enforcement officers in Congress. The Democrats have waged war on our law enforcement and attempted to dismantle, disarm, and defund our police. Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger has failed to stand up for our brave men and women in blue, and it’s time for representation in Washington that reflects our values.

Energy Independence

America’s energy policy should be all in. We should be maximizing our resources by minimizing government bureaucracy, encouraging private innovation, and unleashing American energy production. This includes empowering our states to control their own energy development within their borders by liberating offshore drilling and maximizing solar, wave, nuclear, and wind production. We need to lift bans on crude and natural gas exports and defend U.S interest in climate talks, ensuring the energy security of our allies. In 2014 I got SB 25 passed, to increase offshore drilling and putting safe guards in place so that what happened in Louisiana would not take place in Virginia. I also carried SB1091 to ensure safeguards were in place for solar development when solar farms reach the end of their life for decommissioning.