Former Attorney General Ed Meese Endorses Bryce Reeves for Lt. Governor

FREDERICKSBURG,VA—Today, Bryce Reeves announced that Edwin "Ed" Meese has endorsed his campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Ed Meese served as a counselor to President Ronald Reagan and was the 75th Attorney General of the United States.

"It's very important that in the election coming up, we vote for Bryce Reeves," said Attorney General Meese. "He's shown his leadership and commitment to the kind of values that Virginians stand for: lower taxes, a government that works for the people, not against it, and someone who believes in the United States Constitution."

Ed Meese also serves as Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow Emeritus at The Heritage Foundation.

"I am beyond honored to have the endorsement from Ed Meese," said Reeves. "During his time as Attorney General, he fought to defeat terrorism, fight drug trafficking, and prevent crime. I admire his leadership."

Reeves added, "He and his wife, Ursula, have supported me from day one and I am truly humbled to have his backing to be the next Lieutenant Governor of Virginia."