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It's been 15 days

As of January 16th, it's been 15 days since Jill Vogel claimed she was "hacked." She still won't turn over her devices to an independent, third party investigator.
As a detective, I was taught that facts are all that matter, and the facts are clear. Plainly denying what was done is not acceptable.
Sign the petition if you want to know the truth. You deserve the truth.

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Barbara McKneely
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Cheryl Fletcher - Marshall
Deborah L Weber
Susan Adams
Linda Jacobson
Regina Adams
Lupe Sigman
Scitt Baird
Alan Bretzin
Andrea Rush
James Horne
Susan Thompson
Dawn McGraw
Karla Eutsler
Edward Newell
Holli Foster
Alleen Peck
Tommy Vestal
Lynn Smith
Nathaniel Clancy
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