Sign the Petition - Back Our Police

To: Governor Northam and Democrat leadership

From: Sen. Bryce Reeves and Petition Signers

Enough is enough.  As a former Law Enforcement Officer, I have been utterly disgusted and outraged with my colleagues across the aisle who are seeking to defund the police.  The civil unrest and destruction that has been happening in Virginia and across our country must stop. We must support the men and women in blue who work to keep us, our families, and our communities safe.  It’s time to BACK our police officers, not defund them.

I ask you to join me in signing this petition to Governor Northam and the Democrat leadership in Virginia.  

Join me in telling them that it is time to BACK the Blue, not defund them.

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Paul Sweeney
Lisa Burns
Maria Hart
Dorothy Jackson
Kristen Kraynak
David Harrison
Hugh & Debbie Risseeuw
Beverly Burgess
Russell Elliott
Dawn Clowes
Anne Campbell
Gloria Andrew-Brennan
Bradley Gary
Paul Borden
Merl Mooney
Charles Strickler
Linda Charlton
Nancy Ashworth
Ray White
Thomas Veverka
Toni White
Rhonda N Richard
AnJanette Mcdaniel
Juanita Coffelt
Ann Condon
Joyce Ely
Leon Ramsey
Steve Harris
Judy Larson
Powers Lawson
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