Reeves Recalls Sounding the Alarm Early on Chinese Nationalists Stealing US Intellectual Property

October 24, 2022

FREDERICKSBURG, VA – Today, the USDOJ (US Department of Justice) held a live press conference outlining charges against over a dozen defendants in a variety of cases relating to the intimidation of US residents and theft of US-based intellectual property. According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, ten of the defendants are Chinese officials. Each of the cases relate in some way to alleged CCP (Chinese Communist Party) attempts to steal intellectual property from US-based tech and academic institutions.

There was also talk of a case of Chinese agents attempting to force a United States resident into returning to China. Attorney General Merrick Garland added that “The [People’s Republic of China] has a history of targeting political dissidents and critics of the government who have sought relief and refuge in other countries.” The various charges from the DOJ include attempts to steal confidential information from US-based tech companies, surveillance and harassment of a US resident in an attempt to intimidate them into returning to the PRC, obstruction, and attempting to target US citizens and coerce them into acting as Chinese agents.

Senator Reeves, who carried SB717 this year seeking to protect Virginia academic institutions from theft of intellectual property by Chinese foreign agents, had this to say:

“The threat posed by China to our academic institutions and our tech companies has never gone away. I attempted to secure public, Virginia-based universities from these sort of targeted attacks with SB717, which would have required university employees to disclose any payments from foreign governments as well as prohibiting them from taking Chinese government grants. Unfortunately, the bill was killed before it ever saw the light of day on the Senate floor in an unsurprising party-line vote. These charges brought up by the Department of Justice validate the need for oversight and caution when it comes to the participation of foreign nationals in our educational system. My legislation would have done just that. I plan on reintroducing the legislation this year in the hopes that the Senate Democrats will wake up to reality and stop playing the identity politics game.”


Bryce Reeves is a small business owner, auxiliary sheriff’s deputy in Culpeper County, former Army Ranger, and former Prince William County narcotics detective. He currently represents the 17th District in the Virginia Senate, which includes the City of Fredericksburg and the Counties of Albemarle (part), Culpeper (part), Louisa (part), Orange, and Spotsylvania (part). Senator Reeves serves on the Senate Committee on Rehabilitation and Social Services and sits on the Committees on Local Government, General Laws and Technology, and Privileges and Elections. In addition, Senator Reeves is Co-Chair of the Virginia General Assembly Military and Veterans Caucus. Senator Reeves resides in Spotsylvania County.